FIM E-Xplorer Announces Thrilling Osaka Opener for Season Two

By 4th December 2023Uncategorised

FIM E-Xplorer World Cup is thrilled to announce the opening round of Season Two will be held at the Expo’70 Commemorative Park, Osaka, Japan, on 17th February 2024. This will mark the series’ debut outside of Europe and begin its pathway to becoming a global championship. Spearheading cutting-edge technologies and championing sustainable development, the mutual ethos shared between Osaka and E-Xplorer made it an obvious location for launching the brand-new season. 

President of Motorcycle Federation Japan, Tetsuo Suzuki, said: “The FIM E-Xplorer World Cup, which uses electric vehicles and mixed team of men and women, is here to be held in Osaka the venue of the 2025 World Expo and we are very exciting to be able to hold the event. We understand that this is the result of the efforts of various people involved, and I would like to express my deep gratitude to all parties, and we believe that our efforts will definitely drive the future of motorcycle sports. This World Cup event is a new type of team competition that is completely different from previous competitions, so it will develop new fans and create new star riders and teams.” 

Adding to the thrilling spectacle, the Global Promoter E-Xplorer, will make sure spectators are having a great experience with live music and a selection of local cuisines and beverages to elevate the event for fans watching. 

FIM E-Xplorer World Cup Co-Founder, Carina Munte, said: “I am thrilled to bring E-Xplorer to Japan, a country with an immense heritage in terms of motorcycle racing and technological innovation. Making our debut in Asia will create a memorable footprint of our championship in the world of motorsport. We have been working effectively with Osaka’s Prefecture and we are extremely grateful for their help and support throughout the process.” 

Osaka is a bustling cityscape with an array of historic venues and landmarks all nestled within the fast-paced energetic metropolis. E-Xplorer’s home for the weekend, Expo’70 Commemorative Park, lies north of the Yodo River that meanders down the centre of the city. The picturesque setting is home to over 5000 Japanese Cherry Trees and the course will be located right in front of the iconic Temple of the Sun, in the Festival Plaza.  

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