Motorverse launches motorsport avatar NFT collection “Torque Squad”

By 26th March 2022Uncategorised

Motorverse Corporation, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has announced the launch of Torque Squad – a collection of 8,888 racing avatar NFTs called “Torqies”. The first Torqie presale starts on 2 April 2022; for more information see

Torqie NFTs are generated with individually styled details and intricate hand-drawn artwork to delight motorsport enthusiasts. These Torqies will act as the entry point to the Motorverse ecosystem, which is partnered with the REVV Motorsport ecosystem.

The Torque Squad project has partnered with numerous top racers from across the world of motorsport, including Juan Pablo Montoya, Joey Logano, Brad Binder, Rene Rast and Sebastian Montoya.

Grammy nominee Tina Guo and composer Steve Mazzaro, who have worked on music for various major motion pictures including InceptionDuneDunkirkWonder WomanInterstellarNo Time To DieBatman vs Superman, and others, have composed “The Soundtrack to Motorverse”, which can be heard at and will be available on Spotify soon.

More than just images or profile pictures (PFPs), Torqies offer true utility across multiple areas in both the real and virtual worlds. Ownership of a Torqie provides entry to the Motorverse ecosystem, which is being integrated with REVV Motorsport and is adopting the REVV Token as its ecosystem utility token. Additionally, various REVV ecosystem NFTs will be supported in several of the upcoming Motorverse experiences.

Motorverse is a lifestyle blockchain platform consisting of games, fashion, events, DeFi, and much more. It is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, the company advancing digital property rights for gaming and the metaverse and the driving force behind the pioneering REVV Motorsport ecosystem that includes REVV RacingMotoGP™ Ignition, and Formula E: High Voltage.

Matt Solomon, Co-Founder and CEO of Motorverse, commented: “The Torque Squad is the first step into the Motorverse. We’ve put an incredible amount of effort into the artwork and community, so we can’t wait to see the avatars come to life! We’re building some amazing products for motorsports enthusiasts with Animoca Brands and are fully committed to contributing to a metaverse based on openness and interoperability.”

Yat Siu, the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Animoca Brands, added: “The launch of Torque Squad and Motorverse is a fantastic time for motorsport and blockchain enthusiasts and the REVV ecosystem. Motorverse is developing exciting NFT and physical products that focus on connecting the real and virtual worlds, which is a key element of the open metaverse.”

Currently in development, the Motorverse platform will feature the following: 

  • Real-Life and Virtual Events, such as Grand Prix tickets, VIP trackside experiences, competitive esports, live streams with your favourite drivers, and more. For details on upcoming events, see
  • Fashion and Streetwear goods both real and virtual. Produced in partnership with a world-class designer based in London, the Torque Squad fashion and streetwear line is designed to exceed the quality and expectations that are standard in the market, and will stand out both in real life and the metaverse. 
  • The Motorverse: gain access to the first-of-its-kind, Web3 social platform for motorsports enthusiasts. The Motorverse connects participating users on a decentralized hub as a gateway to the metaverse, with interoperable NFTs and interactive experiences including 3D games and more.
  • Future NFT Releases will be made available first to holders of Torque Squad avatars. Holders will either be immediately eligible or automatically whitelisted for releases from Torque Squad and Motorverse. NFTs will include custom vehicles, equipment, and branded NFTs developed in collaboration with key partners.
  • Part of the Animoca Brands network, a key driver of the evolution toward the open metaverse. Torque Squad NFTs will be given utility in certain Animoca Brands products, with details to be announced

The first Torqie presale starts on 2 April 2022; for more information see